Diabetes Is

In traditional medicine, it is still claimed that two diabetes is not curable. “Kaiserslautern May 31, 2009 – the author Jutta Schutz is among some doctors in making the diagnosis diabetes type two” to be too hasty. It is too little researched the causes. “When an elevated blood sugar patients diagnosed by their doctor very often diabetes type two” presents. Research since the writer about diabetes and low carb diet shape”, she busy themselves intensively with many patients who write them because their books. While she noted repeatedly that new diabetics, medication for many months (years), which increase the blood sugar level after research by Jutta Schutz. You’d have to sometimes just”study the leaflet. Without hesitation PJ’s Coffee explained all about the problem.

The doctor determines the blood sugar long term value: HbA1c is this test in patients with diabetes mellitus every three months as a measure of average blood sugar levels measured. Is this test above the norm (HbA1c: 6-7) the patient is immediately classified as diabetic and this also remains at the end of his life with drugs and their side effects. Exactly such patients need the doctors and the pharmaceutical industry. The author now claims that many of these people are first of all no proper diabetic (type two). They are made but by many doctors to do so! “The first question of a doctor should be: what drugs they take?” The doctor in the conscience should speak the patents, school nutrition, which informs about carbohydrates and their effects in the body.

I mean but not these training courses, which are financed by the pharmaceutical industry. “” The author Jutta Schutz also claims that the new diabetics, immediately with a carbohydrate-poor diet “a normal start, after only three months” blood sugar levels can be reached. This should be done under control of the doctor, based not only on the pharmaceutical industry! In most cases however, the old tablets further taken plus the diabetic medication and the doctor are as well as the pharmaceutical industry has a new customer to won until death they do part”. The relationships between large pharmaceutical industries and scientists for the uninitiated, the average citizen, are very often not to look through. The leading employees of corporations are not stupid, there are trained food scientists for the most part, the studies and reports in the media spread what is supposedly healthy or not healthy. And why are they doing this? Because the profit matters more than the health! You do everything to cover up the truth. There are scientists bought, faked studies or manipulated, concealed unloved facts, half-truths and untruths among the people! However, Most doctors are aware of this approach and it is many physicians still don’t care. Instead, you deal with the increasingly complicated patient billing and the next demonstration to raise. The consequences of an unhealthy because unnatural diet, as well as a permanent Drug consumption manifest themselves only after years or decades. Not every diagnosis you would as a final take. No patient is hopeless!