Dental Health Begins With Nutrition

What foods affect the teeth have by now we know all the fact that sugar is attacking our teeth and cause tooth decay. Therefore we are quickly activated if we didn’t eat much sweet and extensively Yes now brush our teeth after every meal. For assistance, try visiting Jean Piaget. But there are exceptions to every rule. Highly acidic foods such as fruit juices and sour fruit, for example: Apple or grapefruit, violently attacking the enamel. Our saliva but is capable of, these acid attacks abzwehren.

This is done at least 30 minutes after eating this food give him time, before you start with the cleaning of the teeth. Certainly also a definite improvement in terms of dental caries and dental health has emerged in the present generation of children. The still popular years ago seals, which as unaesthetic gray and dark colored teeth in the mouth, are almost entirely relegated and were replaced by ceramic fillings. This benefits a whole generation. But what can be done in addition, long white teeth and bright and completely healthy to get? We can start with the choice of our food nicely. Good for the teeth, the consumption of milk and yoghurt products is proven mass. Here, however, is caution.

Select possible untreated products, i.e. without the addition of sweeteners. Very cheap for the healthy maintenance of the teeth, cheese has proved. Therefore, your body scores twice. The teeth get the necessary tools they need through a protein and calcium-rich diet. And your muscles also appreciate the kind of energy. Long-term study results come repeatedly concluded that a high-protein diet also helps in weight loss. Did you think that even salty attacks the tooth enamel? Potato chips and pretzel sticks, but also cereals, increase the risk of tooth decay. Because the starch contained in the products is also degraded to simple sugars by the oral bacteria and thereby converted into acids. But where are still hidden sugar? In up to 36 cubes of sugar per liter put sweetened drinks such as Cola and Fanta. A liter of tomato ketchup contains even 86 pieces. Is there an alternative to the common sugar? The substitutes advocated frequently in advertising are no real alternative. They are not recommended for the whole organism and may also slow not craving sweets. A possible solution is still a sugar-free gum after meals. They stimulate the flow of saliva and thus prevent caries. Marco Kraus