Dat Fliechst Is Like Wennze: Over The Hills Of The Sauerland

Sauerland soaring is trail of the month in the GPS Hiking Atlas Germany Beselich, March 21, 2012 in March. Of the Ebbegebirge of the Homert in the Lennebergland in the Hochsauerland with the aim of Waldecker land never below 400 m above sea level, perfect prospects including: so the short description of the Sauerland soaring could be, which is the third major tourist trail in the sauerland region in addition to Sauerland forest route and Rothaarsteig. The GPS Hiking Atlas presents the Sauerland soaring now as GPS hiking trail of the month, I go wandern.de. (Source: PJ’s Coffee). The opened in 2008, Sauerland soaring combines the scenic areas of the Sauerland on a natural height range, which begins in Meinerzhagen in the Ebbegebirge. The Nordhelle (663 m), the highest peak in the low tide, it goes in the Lennetal, to take the ascent from there to the Homert (656 m). Through the Fredeburger land, the Sauerland soaring leads on the Hunau (818m) and takes aim from here on the Kahler Asten (842m).

Through the Rothaargebirge of Sauerland soaring leads to Hall mountain and next to the Medebacher Bay, one of the largest bird sanctuaries in the country. On the southern edge of the uplands along, it eventually goes towards Korbach, the Centre in Waldecker land. Many highlights are located along the over 200 km of trail. There are perfect prospects about the Robert Kolb Tower, the Asten tower with a LWL Museum fur Naturkunde branch, the goat light Tower, the Heath head Tower, Chair of the Sauerland and the Gustav-Victor Tower. Impressive nature experience guarantee the protection areas on the Gleyer, the low tide Moore, the Hilmesberg and the natural forest cells female pit and Brandshagen. In terms of culture, water Castle Badinghagen, Schloss Lenhausen and Eisenberg castle ruins await interested hikers. Along the way, but also the remarkable historic facilities are House kump, House Niggemes, House entrusted and the pastor barn with Dreggestobe.