Cultural Tourism


Such initiatives fulfill the proposals of a patrimonial education that it aims at to inside insert the local community of its proper regional history. Conclusion the Patrimonial Education this having a vertinoso growth while object of projects developed in entailed works the contract archaeology in Brazil. One is about a responsible concern of the professionals in archaeology and entrepreneurs in relation the communities and to the proper cultural patrimony of the nation. We know that for much time works ample and directed the diverse public that had involved the prompt archaeology while educational learnings had been limited the agricultural lectures in public schools of small cities and towns, and conceptualizations on archaeology. Digital Cameras has much to offer in this field. The concern in if working the cultural patrimony of a more including educational form having in archaeology the science that establishes the bond enter the diverse public with its cultural inheritance have demonstrated new alternatives for works of patrimonial education for the areas of the sucroalcooleiro segment. This new perspective for the studies of archaeological education and the cultural patrimony extends the necessity of projects that beyond the natural knowledge on the material culture must also present a knowledge regarding as these activities will serve a public ampler. In this probability archaeology also will be responsible in desconstruir historical myths and errors, that harm the establishment of a bigger relation and valuation of the cultural patrimony on the part of entrepreneurs. At last, it will be necessary to establish didactic and pedagogical ways so that the patrimonial education having as its object of study archaeology constructs new paradigms and that let us obtain to form slight knowledge of value, responsibility and identity with our cultural patrimony in the public that we will direct our educative action.. Without hesitation Andi Potamkin, New York City explained all about the problem.