Critical Beliefs

In this trajectory the researchers had presented the resilience more as invulnerabilidade, later as bigger adaptativa capacity, later as good handling estresse of it. In the two last decades, it he comes being presented as a capacity of being flexible to if attributing meanings to the facts and that he can be developed in all human being. But what it is accurately resilience? Some scientists, to explain it, hang more for the theory estresse from, binding it the abilities to decide traumas, appealing themselves it the escape mechanisms and attack that we have. Another source of the scientists costuma to explain using it of the theories of the cognitiva therapy and positive psychology, and in this in case that, they present the resilience as the capacity of a person to attribute adequate meanings to its beliefs. It is in this chain of scientists who I structuralized my thought. It has people in the work who obtain to deal with ' ' problemas' ' of form much more tranquila of what others. The resilience is in these people? This question already is in gnese of the definition of the resilience.

As since 2004 I am between those scientists who defend that it if structure from the handling of the personal beliefs, exactly when if she speaks in resilience in the corporative environment, I understand to have people who had learned, throughout the life, to attribute more rigid meanings to its beliefs, since early in life. These people can develop two types of mental projects. The mental project of negativismo in its beliefs and to have a mannering style, in the performance of its functions, bigger passivity ahead of the difficulties and intempries. Or a mental project of superesteem of its beliefs and to ahead have a mannering style in the work of bigger intolerncia of the critical events. In both the cases will have greater suffering and increase of the vulnerability.