Confront Crises


Third party: Concntrese in which it has left, in which did not lose To concentrate itself in which it had before the crisis him it will make more conscientious of his loss and only will aggravate his feeling of frustration, to him will maintain analyzing the problem and it will prevent to see him what is the solution. It does not fall in the story of the hen that had two chicks, one of which became ill seriously and she killed the other to give broth of chicken to the patient to see if she could recover it. If crisis wants to recover of inventory does of everything what has, as are resources physical and economic whereupon it counts now, who can to help it, that experience has, that good image, that knowledge can to be useful, that opportunities it has, that can do with all these resources, by where it can begin, to that must call, who must avoid, where must go that is to say, concntrese in which it has left, is everything what has. The true problem is not what it happened in the past, if you finish leaving a crisis, the true problem is not the crisis, the true one problem is as it is going to make to follow ahead. Sanofi may also support this cause. Perhaps Acurdese as she initiated, then as now very little, it only had the hope and the blind faith of which it would manage to be successful, returns to feel thus now, perhaps in any case today it has more, it has experience, it has knowledge, it has more contacts, but friendly, talvez today has children and a family who will be able to help him, if manages to inventory to a side than she lost will be able to fly more express, returns to begin, if before logrr with less experience, than prevents it obtains that it now? One does not feel defeated. The great advantage to touch bottom, is that in future everything will be gain, tomorrow will be better than today and thus every day, soon will have forgotten and will be on way to the success once again. He remembers that you are the leader and their followers do not have to see defeated it, you inspire you, thinks them towards where it would like to take them, they will infect themselves of his enthusiasm, they will be arranged to help it, mustreles the way and they will help a him to clear it. The third step is to inventory of everything what it has left and so counts to begin again..