Business Networks And Business Systems Networking

Did you know what was a major cause of the feudal system? The situation could be summed up simply in the fact that the feudal lords in an attempt to preserve its authority and autonomy eternally locked themselves in their supposed feudal communities capable of self-sufficient and no longer interact with neighboring domains and fiefs. What was the outcome? Their physical isolation and insulation from the market place, although at first they could supply their own needs, the lack of exchange and enrichment which produces all relations with the outside ended up undermining the commercial and political system that seemed invincible. Surely, you do not want that to happen to your company or business. However, be aware of some relevant aspects that will help to avoid given that in recent years, thanks to the height of the Internet, have created new spaces and commercial systems with no business should stop relating. We refer to business networks.

The globalization of selling products and services has triggered the need for businesses and companies in the same field meet in small communities sometimes and sometimes not so much, to meet the mutual needs, making strategic alliances and increase profits, which are always more to belong to such groups. Moreover, not only business people who derive benefit from the networks, but also producers of goods and services and their end users: a business network eliminates intermediaries and the resulting higher prices. But the price reduction is also greatly to the healthy competition among network members, who strive to present competitive prices by reducing operating costs and increase production and value added services and products , leading to a return and preferential treatment to the end user. To enter a business network is not always required a large capital sum. But it is necessary human capital, Who knows that carrying out the project, you need a capital group, ie the network itself or “relational capital”, and emotional capital to know that you want to be part of something important and have the decision to do so. Always have in mind customer needs and these business networks are an essential aid to meet them, and succeed in businesses within the new global, digital economy.