Bruce Springsteen – A Superstar Is 60

“Portrait of a socially critical rockers Bruce Springsteen was fire with songs like l’m on”, born to run”and born in the U.S.A.” world famous. On the occasion of his 60th birthday, the online shopping portal can look back on his eventful life. Like no other, Springsteen symbolizes the style of American rock music. “Early Bruce Springsteen used his music as a platform for social criticism: the songs of the album Nebraska” in 1982 to focus U.S. society’s outsiders. in 1984, the album born in the U.S.A. makes him”final to the superstar.

The title song however is not miss to understand it as a patriotic anthem. His written views depends on a run home Viet Nam war veteran, standing before the wreckage of his life. The album the rising, testifies to its political commitment”: it was created under the impression of the terrorist attacks of September 11. His songs are dedicated to the victims and survivors. Springsteen was in 2004 in the election campaign for the Democrats active. Until he campaigned for the election of John Kerry, in the last election of the President, he fought for Barack Obama.

Bruce Springsteen also celebrated with the soundtrack to streets of Philadelphia’ successes. The title was awarded an Oscar. “The theme song for the film dead man walking” was also nominated for an Academy Award. Recently, Springsteen wrote the title song for the movie the wrestler”with Mickey Rourke. More information: press / contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59