Belgium Dogs

Miscota Spain and its French and Italian versions give two snacks (your choice) for purchases over 60. During today Monday, July 23 until tomorrow Tuesday, July 24, 2012 Miscota provides to customers to make purchases over the 60 two snacks to choose from a list of 15 products. Users who have a dog or a cat be eligible for this promotion. You can choose between various brands of products such as Arquizoo, Brekkies Excel, Pedigree or Science Plan. If you have read about snoring mouthpiece already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The snacks can choose products for dog buyers will be: -Arquizoo dogs Arquisnacks Sticks Pollo 100 gr -Arquizoo dogs Arquisnacks Sticks Buey 100gr -Arquizoo dogs Arquisnacks Sticks Cordero 100gr -Arquizoo dogs Arquisnacks Sticks Tripa 100gr -Arquizoo dogs Arquisnacks Huesitos stuffed chicken 100 g -Arquizoo dogs Arquisnacks Trio Blocks 100 gr -Arquizoo Milk Drops -Arquizoo dogs Arquisnacks Medias Lunas 100gr -Arquizoo dogs Arquisnacks hearts chicken 100 g -Pedigree dogs Markies 150 gr -Pedigree dogs Meaty Sticks to purchasers of products for cats there are reserved as follows: -Kitten Tender chicken Chunks 100 g -Snacks chicken 400 g -Malt Bits 40 GR -Cheese Bits 40 GR -Anti Hairball cat bit -Sticks chicken once your shopping cart exceeds 60 will activate a list where you can see the snacks and select the two you want to test. It should be noted that the available units of each product are limited. Miscota E-commerce already operates in six different countries: Spain, Portugal, Austria, Italy, France and Belgium. This company It plans in the coming days to open your page to Germany..