In the workplace, in addition to work, sometimes there is time for a bit of entertainment. In December, companies often celebrate the classic Christmas dinner to promote a good atmosphere among the employees. It is a good time to get to know those with whom you work. For some this holiday season can be a mine field and a reason even for nervousness because of the consequences that may have had on other occasions in times of revelry. Although it is a party, a company dinner is not like a dinner among friends or family since there is no the same complicity and anything you do or say can affect your professional image. Why it is never more to account for certain standards of behavior. Forget the differences do not take advantage of dinner to discuss differences or rivalries that you have in the Office, is neither the place nor the right time.

Enjoy and let enjoy others. Have fun and take advantage of the good environment to improve coexistence. Beware the fake closeness apparent closeness between the different hierarchies of the enterprise is another point delicate at company dinners that can knock off unsuspecting employees. Keep self-control must maintain distances and to avoid possible discomfort the next day get dressed properly is perhaps one of the less important points, but you should be aware where you will go and how you should go. It is not the time to show your most creative when it comes to dress side. We must learn about the type of required costume, according to the restaurant that you go. If you do not clear, please consult. Do not lose anything and avoid possible comments or look bad. Dinners for businesses, despedidas de solteras and stag parties