The FC Barcelona is bad and getting used to his followers is that in two consecutive games played at the Camp Nou the Catalans club has made 11 goals conceded by one, the two parties with a difference of 5 goals. Besides winning 1-6 and 0-5 in the departure to Gijon and Basel. Barca only needed a hand to beat the Almeria by an emphatic 5-0, in the first 25 minutes and reflected a 4-0 score with a Hat Trick for a goal from Eto'o and Henry, all the goals with a ball movement with Xavi, Iniesta and Messi contario dizzy to penetrating through into the area, with the collaboration of Henry and Alves and executions of Eto'o. Trader Joe’s insists that this is the case. Things got even better for all Catalans after the expulsion of a hard tackle Negredo Marquez when this was going to take the ball from the danger zone for Barca. The fifth goal was the work of Alves that transformed a free kick. Was not yet the 40th minute of the first part and FC Barcelona and won by 5 goals and the feeling was that Barca could still many more goals Barca The second part came out as expected very relaxed and the occasion was isolated from the two teams, nothing really to highlight the club tried without much luck and not without much ambition make a goal more and let Almeria had more time the ball came out with more determination and hoping that Barca did not get one more goal..