Apple IPhone

An article about the new iPhone 4S by Apple the cult cell phone from Apple, that is iPhone 4s, also in Germany available now for a few days. What can the new iPhone 4s, to say this article. More information is housed here: Julian Rotter. Look and feel are almost like on the iPhone 4 outside as good as nothing has been done. The mute switch laterally at the iPhone 4S is now slightly postponed. Also the antenna frame around has a few other notches. Otherwise everything in the old but remains.

Suggestions that foresaw an iPhone 5 with larger screen and back made of metal, have proved as a result wrong. In the new iPhone 4S the A5-chip works, which appeared in the iPad 2 celebrated its premiere. The chip is faster up to one hundred percent. When the graphics even up to seven times faster than the iPhone 4 full HD video and 8 MP camera In the new iPhone 4S is a significantly more powerful camera used. The iPhone 4s to shoot photos with a maximum resolution of 3.264 x 2,448 pixels. This ensures a chip with 8 mega pixels resolution. With an F-number of f/2.4 is more powerful than many regular compact cameras the iPhone 4s to the part. In addition to the enhanced photos can take on iPhone 4S videos in much better quality.

Images in full-HD 1080 p are now possible. The first videos on the relevant video platforms on the Internet prove that amazing shots are possible with the new camera of the iPhone 4S. The iPhone 4 it could cause the loss of signal, when one was holding the iPhone 4 in a certain position. The new iPhone 4S is automatically changed, however, between the antennas to achieve optimum reception. The iPhone 4S should be even faster: up to 14.4 MBit / s should be possible. Siri is the personal assistant that listens to the word what distinguishes the new iPhone 4S from the iPhone 4, is Siri, the voice Assistant. If you press the home button the iPhone 4s, Siri will start shortly thereafter. Siri helps with many tasks, it should be otherwise tedious manualy. Siri made a very good impression during the presentation and in the Web there are already numerous videos that show how well does Siri. iPhone 4s to buy or not to buy? Apple does not stop on the spot, but has consistently developed the iPhone. The Apple Smartphone has grown up and is on the latest technical developments. Voice control knows how to impress especially. No normal voice control, but one that intelligent manner understands what is being asked. But also the other revisions to know please. The new camera is better than ever and increasingly replaced the ordinary compact camera. To which purpose yet to carry around if you can do just as well with his iPhone photos and videos. And also the better processor, as well as the revision of the antenna problem know to please. The iPhone 4s in the trade came on 14 October. Apple’s new Smartphone can be purchased from 629 euro. The new iPhone 4S set a record already in the opening weekend: over 4 million smartphones, Apple could sell on the opening weekend. Who is anyway wanted to buy an iPhone, which is certainly now is the right moment. But anyone who has an iPhone 4, can contemplate the investment and, if necessary, just waiting for the next generation of the iPhone. Article written by Christian Block