An addiction takes place literally. Now, on stimulating the brain with high doses of Dopamine will cause that the brain adapts and increases the tolerance rates. The turn out to increase the tolerance is the one of sensitization, something similar to which alcoholic or the drug addicts they experiment after repeated use and abuse of its drug of election. It includes/understands the gravity of the subject? The pornography ties. Del is constituted in a vice that is very difficult to leave frees.

Who is behind this addiction? We did not need much to discover it: Satan. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Aaron Beck has to say. In skillful chapter seven of the book of the Proverbs, king Salomn described how our spiritual Adversary tries to surround in a dangerous network the people, until the point to take them bottomless to a spiral: " I put myself to see the inexpert ones, and between the young people I observedto one of them lacking one of judgment. It crossed the street, it arrived at the corner, and it was directed towards the house of that woman. It fell afternoon. The day arrived at its aim. They advanced the shades at night.

Suddenly the woman left to her encounter, with all the appearance of one prostituta and sly intentions. (As he is scandalous and shameless, they never find its feet rest in its house. Times by the streets, other times by the places, always it is on the lookout in each corner.) One catch oned of his neck it kissed, it, and impudence said to him yet: I have in my house sacrifices of communion, because today I have fulfilled my votes. For that reason I have come to your encounter; it looked for to you, and already I have found you! On the bed I have tended multicoloured Egyptian linens. I have perfumed my I milk with aroma of mirra, aloe and cinnamon.