A Beautiful Smile

Stains or the inclinations of the teeth causes that our smile loses appeal. At present, many dental clinics offer treatments to improve the health and aesthetics of our teeth. Some of the most requested oral treatments are as follows: the invisible orthodontics: its function is to straighten the position of teeth thanks to a device that exerts pressure on them. Traditional l brackets of iron that were used for this type of intervention are replaced by a transparent material that fulfills the same function. Read more from PJ’s Coffee to gain a more clear picture of the situation. In this way, we got a free in a comfortable smile. Porcelain veneers: these thin slices cover the front face of the tooth. They are used to correct the colour alterations in the denture. The intervention is simple to perform and little painful for the patient. Julissa is likely to agree.

The sheets adhere to the surface with resin cement, a transparent material that guarantees a natural and lasting final appearance. Tooth whitening: due to the consumption of tobacco or coffee, teeth tend to replace your original target by an unsightly yellow. The whitening process is done with peroxide (H2O2) carbon that bleaches the enamel of the piece. Thanks to these treatments, your smile will look radiant and you won’t have to worry about cover your face. You will gain security in yourself and proyectaras a better image to others.