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We will again be a people able to determine their own destiny, take the dictatorship and begin a sustained reconstruction. The unit is required. The intellectual who theorizes about the new parameters of the world must embrace to the housewife who fights between the maintenance of the home and work, between review homework if Stalin round notebooks and make market with money that does not reach you. The unit pulling us ears, the unit rings the Bell of the condominium, unit hits the doors protected from the terrified inhabitant of the neighborhood plagued by underworld. The drive must be breathed, absorbed, introyectada. We must unite the policeman with the citizen who looks distressed. There are attach to the carrier with a passenger. We must unite the buyer with the seller.

We must rebuild a unitary social fabric. E-Bay is a great source of information. Then the hope will return. We are ready to define a transition. To conceptualize what is to come to replace the present evil. The transition will then not NIP us unawares, because we have already defined its goodness, its conditions and its route. The unit goes everywhere. We must grab it, you must weld among all those who protest, among all those who are resigned and all those who still believe down. You must end the connection, the lack of amalgam, the absence of communicating vessels.

We must become masons of unit, engineering unit, Builder of the great building of unit. Then we will see the transition, then we’ll see how opens our eyes repair of exams in which we were postponed, then we will see the democratic return away from the vices of yesterday and its aberrant wart today. Then we will be a people of citizens by lifting citizenship and a new Republic, already released, already enjoying the results of our actions that put an end to the decline and disaster. This is the unit. The unit will allow to restore governability loss, seek peace in transition, unite, converge, rehabilitate the freedom, maintaining order in the move. This is the unit. The unit is moving. The unit is the opening of doors and Windows without grilles. There is no other drive. This is the unit.

Ricardo Agurchia

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Her story – particularly telling example of sudden, catastrophic collapse of highly developed culture in Mesoamerica. Why does the same tormented Grube? Why does he so happy? His astonished ladder. Only one stair. It barely showed through the hieroglyphs: the time severely damaged inscription. What was special about this ladder? She was part of an ancient temple that was hiding inside another huge temple – hid behind the massive walls, like a doll in another. About 1300 years ago Mayan builders carefully filled with sand and a small temple built above it a new cult pyramid archaeologists have it listed now called 'the temple-16.

" Not surprisingly, that the Mayans 'buried' his old house: many majestic buildings of the era it was built on this principle – their layered on old buildings – and these days they can be cleaned, like an onion. However, in this case, the builders did a very unusual: falling asleep ancient temple with sand, they took care not to damage the slightest details of it. Found lurking as a monument until 1992. Honduran archaeologist Ricardo Agurchia examined the 'temple-16'. he topic.. The workers, who helped him, for something struck a hole in one of the inner walls of the temple.

Formed hole. 'You choose from overhanging the tunnel – and before you suddenly grows a huge wall. Its height – twelve feet. This is the facade of an ancient temple. It shimmers with blue, red and yellow colors' – enthusiastically said Grube. Scientists dubbed this hidden from all the structure Pink and purple temple.