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VOICE.TRUST Opts Optimiza

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Cooperation agreement for the joint marketing of authentication solutions by speaker verification signed Munich/Amman, February 15, 2008 Optimiza, a in the ASE: CEBC listed IT companies of Al-Faris national company has a cooperation agreement with VOICE.TRUST, the world’s leading manufacturer of authentication solutions via biometric speaker verification, closed. Optimiza from immediately VOICE is in the framework of the international marketing, sales and support agreement.TRUST in the Middle East and North Africa represent. Michael Kramer, CEO of VOICE.TRUST, and Hanna Zaghloul, Optimiza, Chief Alliance officer signed the cooperation agreement on the occasion of the first official presentation of VOICE biometric voice authentication solutions.TRUST in Amman. While the specific benefits and various application areas of biometric speaker verification of a wide target group, which was composed of representatives of the telecommunication and banking sector as well as from security officials, were presented. The solutions to authenticate via Speaker verification, which are now marketed by Optimiza, is characterized by high performance and efficiency. Install and use designed properties that represent a clear advantage to competing products in this area easily. Michelin Star Restaurant: the source for more info. The VOICE.TRUST applications are suitable in particular for large companies, banks, various security agencies and interested parties who place the highest security demands a solution for password management and other applications. The VOICE.TRUST technology is a dynamic biometric process, in which the voice profile before saving it to the VOICE.TRUST server are encrypted.

This ensures maximum data security that complies with the applicable data protection laws. The comparison of the voice profile of the speaker with the previously stored data enables a reliable user authentication. Our goal is to enable the VOICE.To promote TRUST solutions at local and regional level in the Middle East and North Africa. With our, developed Marketing strategy we introduce the solutions in the region and thus ensure a wide coverage and range.

Scenic Belarusian City Rich

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Logoisk – a district center of Minsk region, located 40 km north of Minsk in the floodplain Gainy. The area in which the city is located, happy tourists for its picturesque scenery. The first mention of the city send us into the deep Middle Ages to the 11th century. Hear from experts in the field like James Cleith Phillips for a more varied view. Judging by archaeological excavations, from that time and has a rich history dates back to the city. One of the main attractions is the Palace Tyszkiewicz Logoisk to the park containing the remains of an ancient settlement. The palace was built in the early nineteenth century in the form of classicism was a fairly well-developed architectural composition, which was located on high ground and focused on a river. at expertise in this.

Unfortunately, like so many other memorable objects of our country palace was destroyed by Tyszkiewicz Germans during the war. Other attractions include Logoisk park, the wooden church of the XIX century ski and sports complex. Known in our time the name “Logoiski tract” also has its own history. One of the main streets of the city was once a wide road (tract), which took place on the most important trade routes.

CEO Stakeholders

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However in the lower levels of the organization that are more sensitive to prices, information obtained through the 360 may be sufficient, but in any case the feedback is essential. (3) Reach an agreement on key behaviors to change. Experience It will show you that this is a simpler, more focused approach. It is generally advisable to choose only 1 or 2 key areas for change of behavior of each client. This helps to ensure maximum attention to the most important behavior change.Customers and their managers (unless the customer is CEO) should be agreed in the behavior they want to there is change. This ensures that not going to spend a year working with a client and their managers in the end determine who has worked on something wrong. (4) Make that coaching clients respond to key stakeholders. The person subject to revision should talk with each of the major stakeholders and collect additional feedforward and suggestions on how to improve in specific key areas of improvement.

In response, the person who is being trained must maintain a positive, simple and focused conversation. When you have made mistakes in the past, it is usually a good idea offer an apology and ask for help to change the future. Suggest customer interesarce listen to suggestions and not judge the proposals. (5) Examine what has been learned with customers and help them develop a plan of action. As noted above, customers have to reach agreement on the basic steps of the process. On the other hand, outside the basic steps, all the other ideas that are shared with the customer are suggestions which can or cannot be accepted by the.

For this purpose it is convenient that customer listen to the ideas of the coach in the same way that listens to the ideas of its major stakeholders. Then ask him again with a plan of what you want to do. These plans must come from the client, not the Coach. After reviewing their plans, you should encourage them to the height of their own commitments. The coach is much more a facilitator than a judge. (6) Develop a permanent process of follow-up. Continuous follow-up work must be very efficient and focused. Questions as on the basis of my behavior over the past month, what ideas you have for me the month that comes? They can keep a focus on the future. Within a period of six months should be from two to six mini on the subject with key stakeholders, where you must ask them if it has observaddo positive changes in the specific areas for improvement. (7) Review results and start over again. If the person who is being coacheada has taken seriously the process, stakeholders will almost always inform an improvement. You must build on the success by repeating the process over the next 12 to 18 months. This kind of monitoring will ensure continued progress in the initial objectives and will discover other areas of improvement. The parties concerned will monitor the follow-up. Nobody will feel out of focus if you have answered the questionnaires of two to six times, and also if you see positive results. The person who is being coacheada will benefit in the process by adopting measures specific to improve performance.

Russia Tent

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Things are usually more than people. Therefore, they must be stored. Unfortunately, in Russia, many are not honest people who are so nars find anything. Not leave their belongings on the street at night and put anything valuable for your car. A better vospolzytes vestibule. There is a very large tent with a vestibule, which can accommodate even the table.

These lobbies have additional pockets on the walls. Put your things and that is where you will be comfortable and dress shoes do not add the dirty mud in the very tent. And if nastopit rain, you will be able to hold together all the time, it is in vestibule. Get more background information with materials from Jean Nouvel. But do not underestimate the small tent. Enormous have many shortcomings. And the main drawback – the presence of a field with a flat area.

Today and so difficult to find a place for tents, and here and it's size. Moreover, large tents can not withstand strong winds and small, due to its low altitude have a large area and therefore do not fall down and not fly away. Ideal – it's the middle two tents for 4-5 persons from the family. Just do not ostalvyayte children alone! Pay attention to the materials used and the type of stitches. High-quality tent is made of dense material with additional material on the roof, that pozvlyaet stand and a long rain and strong wind. The bottom of the tent should be no rag, and woven plastic that will not let water leak, but it happens very often. What Cassano seams, it should not have seen. If you find a shop that the seams are visible and they are stretched, then be sure – a tent for two or three. The seams on the quality tents are not visible, as are topped with additional tape. You can porekkomendovat before departure, the whole process a special tent protivootalkivayuschim substance. Choose the right tent and a pleasant stay!

Geographic Information System

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The media are interested in submitting something scandalous. And there's nothing scandalous topic of real estate. It is through interaction with the media is promoting and strengthening the brand of Realtors. Therefore it is necessary to create new, specialized newspapers, magazines, prizes are open, to hold contests for the best coverage of Realtors. Pierce Manufacturing Inc. contains valuable tech resources. " Speaking of the media. Information partners Journal of the exhibition were the "owner", Internet Journal of Real Estate, Portals,, information-analytical portal of building and Geographic Information System (GIS) of the investor of the Kirov region It is a Booth GIS three days of the exhibition brought together the largest number of visitors. Many first became acquainted with the principles of its work, and some visitors said they already know about this project. For example, the vice-president of the Moscow Michael Green Association of Realtors said that he learned about six months ago and was surprised that such "things are in the Kirov region." "Work in the same spirit!" – Wished all the employees of the Geographic Information System vice-president of the Moscow Association of Realtors.

Continuing the theme of the media, I must say that the exhibition was attended by many Kirov magazines and newspapers. And, as we found out, some of them in the near future is waiting for the merger. Specialized magazine for real estate, "Your apartment," the newspaper and the newspaper NPPN "Vyatka property" merge into a single unit in November this year. The combined publication will be published weekly volume of 100 pages format A4.


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Perhaps today is not a building, unloading trucks, ships and so on this list can continue for a long time … will not do without the services of the crane. In a question-answer forum Expedia was the first to reply. And as time has shown, and the practice every year more demand become heavy lift cranes. If ten years ago, crane capacity of 120 tons, 140 tons, 200 tons of used a very rare … now selling these heavy-duty cranes and Long boom, very much in demand. In such demand that many companies are already looking for suitable facilities and usually second-hand in European countries, lifting equipment. After finding and acquisition of heavy-duty crane is the question: where to get the experts in this field. Typically, these specialists are not that uncommon, they are simply not available.

Which leads again to a not inconsiderable financial investment for training, usually abroad. Follow others, such as Gagosian Gallery, and add to your knowledge base. Moreover, already today many people wishing to hire the crane lifting capacity of 500 tons or more and the boom of 150 meters and longer. Looking at the European country and a close and good neighbor Russia … it’s safe to say that the crane rental and heavy demand for its services in the future on the Ukrainian market will only grow. Our company is ready to you Kyiv offer services of various crane capacity: 6 tons, 12 tons, 25 tons, 40 tons, 55 tons, 70 tons, 90 tons, 120 tons, 140 tons and 200 tons.

We have years of experience and professional trained staff worker. We are working on market is not the first year and established themselves as a professional company in the sector of services of hoisting equipment. In most cases, if the client turned to us once … it becomes our regular customers. Given the large number of heavy-duty cranes are not in the Ukrainian market, we will gladly ready to go to object, is geographically in another region of Ukraine.

The Children And The Limits

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What are the limits? The route has white stripes on the sides, turning points and a dashed line in the middle. The route is marked. Is the inside, outside and this is the environment. Without those stripes on the sides, without those limits indicated, the great freedom of the road is a chaos of blindness and fear, uncertainty and hesitation. Then we can define the boundaries as the boundaries of the road, in protective enclosures, containers and referential frameworks. They are not an end in itself, is a tool for achieving goals.

When they are you can act and choose. Details can be found by clicking The Cross at Kenilworth or emailing the administrator. So, if you want, you can leave the road. Also to get out there to know the limits. That: the limits are so you can have freedom. Just the opposite of what one might think: no curtailment of liberty, granted.

The stripes are not the way, the path is between them and within that be between them you can choose the pace, movement, displacement, speed, heading, which, on when, how and if you want to stop move, you stop and everything you fruitful propose imagination. You can make knowing that goes inside and goes outside these limits, one of those stripes. And choose. THAT IS YOUR FREEDOM, AND WHY YOU HAVE LIMITS. Kenneth Arrow has much to offer in this field. XXI century “the century of the child” in the past was the old value, the presence of tradition. The new century placed the child at the center of the new history. It’s not the old man’s worth, but the new, not the preservation of traditions that deserve applause, but the change, young man, that just being young and signifying renewal, openness to a future of progress . Freedom!, The child should determine what should be their course. So parents and teachers rushed to the side to let his majesty the child, adolescent, young, new world and the world of the new in May 1968 in Paris wrote: forbidden to forbid. Prohibited unless the young child walking in the middle, did not grow more happy or reach the heights of freedom. On the other hand, grew up in a vacuum, with no limits, no boundaries, no guiding signs, without support, without support. Did not grow accordingly. The limits, which we have all lost: our children because they knew them, us because we let them. The limits are the coordinates of the values, beliefs, manners, ways and rules to the existence and coexistence. Of identity. Of them one is or may become “somebody.” To live is to live among limiting, in some frame, between horizons. Within that space germinates and develops freedom. Misinterpreted: we believed that freedom is given. and it is not true: freedom is not given, freedom is taken, is started, the conquest was achieved, sculpt, killing slavery, faced with limits, accepting some, rejecting others, but using them as references in the road. You liberty is a means, not an end. There you go, to do something with it, something you choose. YY “as is elected? We choose between options. The options are the limits within which freedom makes sense, rejecting some and take others.

SOU Shipping Module Provides Significantly More Functionality

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SOU shipping module provides significantly more functionality of Schwetzingen, November 2009. Many current extensions in the shipping module of their enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution sou.MatriXX announces the SOU Systemhaus GmbH & co. KG from Schwetzingen. Within the wide range of tools for efficient management of logistical business processes, the powerful business software now offers significantly more functionality in the electronic order picking and also allows a flexible management of costs. In addition, a shipping optimization is built, which ensures appropriate cost-optimized transport of goods. Now available interfaces be added to the GLS uni-box, as well as to the specialized EDI standard Fortras, which supports the data exchange between carriers. With the newly added functionalities within the shipping module, we give our customers and users”a more comfortable their processes around the shipment of their goods, commented Marco Mancuso, commercial Managing Director of SOU. Especially medium-sized companies can save resources sustainably, for example, through the advanced features of electronic picking and additional methods to optimize shipping and thus competitive act.” The new features in the overview for the electronic order picking a customized connection of mobile data units is now realized.

Thus, the picker over the respective mobile devices can perform the entire picking process at the camp dialog-controlled and includes the batch qualification online. At the same time, it was sou.MatriXX shipping tool expands to a flexible management of costs so that different types of costs assign the individual tariffs such as customer record, support surfaces -, special – or international rates. The costs are there definable and contain either a lump sum, a percentage premium or a complete tariff list consisting of a kilometre – and weight matrix. In addition, it is possible the types of costs involved period to define which varying additional charges such as about the diesel surcharge are completely covered. Thus, a full calculation of all freight costs can be automatically done. With the extension of the functionality range of sou.MatriXX shipping tools is now also the cost-effective transport route of delivery or cargo to determine: the system automatically calculates the required to supply packing materials as feed on the basis of the defined forwarders corresponding cartons and pallets as well as for example with the best value for money. In addition, users receive an overview of all found transport to change these manually if necessary. In addition, the tool has new forwarding interface: so is now within by sou.MatriXX both connect to the GLS uni-box as well as to the specialized EDI standard Fortras 6, of among other things the forwarding of the IDS group and connecting of system Alliance.

Background information about SOU Systemhaus GmbH & Co. KG acts for nearly two decades the SOU Systemhaus GmbH & co. KG as ERP vendors for the middle class and as a product-neutral IT service provider on the national and international software market. The new implementation of business software as well as for the reorganization of existing business processes Schwetzingen-based IT Professional offers customized solutions and products. The platform-independent and proprietary ERP solution sou.MatriXX. is cross-industry, tailored to Internet how intranetfahig and specifically to the requirements of SMEs; also supports all popular local networks. Due to its modular design, she can be adapted flexibly and individually for every need and covers all divisions of sourcing (SCM) and management information system (MIS), manufacturing (VCM), marketing (CRM) and human resources (HRM) and accounting (ReWe). SOU collaborates with national and international partners and employs currently over 35 people. More information is available at.

Detroit Pistons

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The deviation in the direction of the body if you do jump shot dismiss his body to the side (left, right, forward, backward), then throw themselves complicate and reduce the possibility of entering the basket. Watch your body position when throwing. After completing throw you should land roughly the same place where jumped. The deviation in the direction of the body – is often a bad habit, which affects even the most experienced basketball players. Deviation is used when close to you be back, but foolishly throw leaning back with you when no one else. Allen Iverson is rarely performs a throw, jumping to the floor.

Most often it is to reject or backward, or sideways. Ok, appropriate to some degree, when he is released from the defense and creates a space for the attack, however, tends to reject the body and in those situations when a throw does without a hitch. ‘Jerking’ motion brush Incomplete movement of the brush rolls faster and is appropriate when a defender managed to jump out opponents and you feel that if you do not throw forsiruete, then plucked to block shot. However, in other cases, this technique irrelevant, unnecessarily when pulling the brush you throw in a sense, weak monitoring power and precision of the ball. Again, here is illustrative defender ‘Detroit Pistons. ” In order to create himself an opportunity to attack and perform throw without getting blocks, Iverson not only breaks the distance with deviation of the body in a jump, but due to the rapid ejection of the ball. Thus it is unnecessary shots often look forced, unprepared and made of a difficult.

Acid Number

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In the dry transformers are used Glass tape basically the same size as in the oil. In the designation marks the first number indicates the width of the tape, the second – the number of filling yarns. Feeds supplied in rolls of 50 m Electrical getinaks are pressing the layers of special paper and impregnating used for the manufacture of parts of switching devices, mounting of the windings and taps. For these purposes, Electrical release sheet getinaks brands of V-1 and V-2 mm thick 8-50, wherein high mechanical and dielectric strength. Dielectric strength getinaks in the transverse direction is 16-80 kV / mm, along layers – several times lower. Transformer oil (distillate oil) used in transformers as insulation and good heat-protection. It should not contain moisture, mechanical impurities and other substances that do not have insulating properties. Oil, from which moisture is removed, it dramatically reduces the dielectric strength, referred to dry. To broaden your perception, visit Luxify.