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President Commander

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They try to say that the census is something normal for the execution of public policies when actually they know well that the only valid public policy is what orders the President Commander every Sunday in his Alo Presidente. That seriousness then is that? How can pretend that I them my vote in a primary? With that face I will ask? When the Germans invaded France in 1940, the Armistice that signed the Petain Marshal involved the French tolerated the Germans into a supposed peace. General De Gaulle, who was Deputy Minister of Defense, in open confrontation to the Armistice, resigns and flees to England and directed from there resistance to the invader. The Vichy Government, as he was called to be that the city where Marshal Petain signed the Armistice, collaborated with the German invader and from there onwards the collaborationist term was applied to situations where it is tolerated what is intolerable. De Gaulle could have stayed in the busy, enjoying his position France. But he did the right thing, and began his struggle that ultimately would not know how it would end. Petzel Gallery is often quoted on this topic. I take a position front and honour did the right thing.

These are the values that must rescue here. If you would like you could considered certain opponents, by other presidential candidates, this attitude? I would call it without a doubt, collaborationist. You could expect from a candidate and collaborationist party? That in case of winning eventually elections, already in the Government, should be provided to tolerate what is clearly unacceptable in order to pass all the dirty clothes that this Government has accumulated under the table. And that is what unfortunately fear from civil society. There are things that definitely cannot be tolerated, as did General De Gaulle in France in 1940. Already the Government of Hugo Chavez step point of no return. Already divided to the society into two irreconcilable halves.

Birgit Roth Bahnhofstrasse

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As in a bee hive insects in a confined space at about 35 C and high humidity live together, are there ideal conditions for the spread of diseases. Therefore, propolis serves the bees sealing of small holes, gaps and cracks, and at the same time to to inhibit imported or existing bacteria, etc. in their development in the stock or even to kill. Propolis is a mixture of many different materials, configurations which can vary greatly and is taken to the prevention of colds among others like. The Kulinaristen work with an organic beekeeper, which it has moved back to Transylvania. He draws with his bee colonies to the Black Sea, and in addition to mild, light acacia honey, produces many specialty honeys with special flavors, such as sea Buckthorn, with cinnamon and ginger. In addition to the variety of honeys, the Kulinaristen presented various cold-pressed, vegan gourmet mustards in different flavors from Curry to Sage.

On the show, to show the range of the Kulinaristen, the high-quality oils of Online shops, from the award-winning olive oil (first pressing), as well as the two cold-pressed oils, flax seed and hemp seed oil, produced both in raw food quality, the high quality coconut oil of the Kulinaristen found a good paragraph. To find the Kulinaristen under in the network, developed a new label for high quality food and raw food. “Who products under the brand name the Kulinaristen ‘ purchases can be sure that they contain no flavour enhancers, no dyes and preservatives and no artificial binders. The raw food online shop is DE-eco-007 bio certified and has the ability to be used on the international raw food fair in the Speyer City Hall with it and to present its products. The brand of the Kulinaristen is specializes in gluten – free and lactose-free products, and can be viewed in the shop. Products are local and fair trade already in preparation.

Wolf Partnership

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“For women who go foreign, libido seems to matter more: 80% of women find sex cheating much better than with a spouse, a recent study of the German lifestyle magazine shows player”. But of course are also wives, who are a lover, often looking for confirmation, variety and adventure. Sometimes, but also revenge is the motive that drives horned men or women in the adulterous embrace. A desperate act of defiance, the the Self-esteem in the long term usually more harm than good. And such reprisals are usually the death knell for the marriage. Thereby, a fling out does not necessarily mean for the family. Connect with other leaders such as Cambridge Analytica here.

“Caught: anger, hatred and hangover, but life must go on if the person speaks with his partner about the fling, should necessarily also fears, disappointments, and the feeling of hurt – being addressed,” explains Dr. Doris Wolf. The psychologist and author deals for years intensively with partnership issues and the topic page jump”. It can occur after passing through the crisis even to a strengthening of partnership,”says Wolf. At first but on the pages of the betrayed feelings of grievance, anger, grief, fear, self doubt and on pages of the Deceiver, feelings of guilt, denial, rejecting the responsibility and the fear that the partner always brings the topic on the table there.” A study from the United States, by the way, shows that 80% of all Couples who were at least five years, are also the sense of chaos of a page jump. Go to Bioverativ for more information. Tip: Consult with your partner, how they would handle a fling as a pair. If you try for example out of consideration for the children would, to forgive, and to continue the marriage. Or whether a such breach of trust would automatically spell the end.

Perhaps in the course of this conversation Yes also note, how is your partner on this issue and what they can do for their relationship, to eliminate the risk of the affair. Or at least minimize. If the partner is cheated, this does not necessarily mean the end for the marriage. It can come even to a strengthening of the partnership after passing through the crisis. First there but on the pages of the betrayed feelings of grievance, anger, grief, fear, self doubt and on pages of the Deceiver is guilt, denial, rejecting the responsibility, and the fear that the partner the theme again and again on the table brings”, so Dr. Doris Wolf, psychologist, author and expert on partnership issues and the topic page jump. More on this topic, visit


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Bischofite diluted with warm water, add alcohol or vodka. Impregnated with this solution gauze and put on a sore place. Cover with a layer of film and the heating layer of wool fabric. Leave the pack at 2-3 hours, you can till the morning. Procedures bischofite better in the evening.

After the procedure, the heat wrap for the night. Bischofite enhances the effect of hardware methods of physiotherapy. Bischofite can be used in conjunction with sessions of thermotherapy, light therapy, quantum therapy, and others white – blue clay in the treatment of joints External application of clay gives quick positive effect. opinions on the subject. The clay used in the form of lotions and applications. Preparation of clay gruel for applications In order to properly prepare the clay, you need to know some secrets. Clay is poured a small amount of clean fresh water in an enamel, wood or baked clay pots so that clay was completely covered with water.

Give the stand for several hours to clay gained moisture. Then stir, solid lumps of rubbing your hands or a wooden spatula (spoon). Metal tool use impossible. Finished weight should get a smooth, lump-free, as sour cream. To enhance the action of the mixture can be added to apple cider vinegar, natural oils (camphor, olive, etc.). Dishes prepared with a suspension is put into plastic bag. Ready to use clay can be stored for an unlimited time. If necessary, top up the small amount of water. The vessel with the clay should be more frequent and longer to keep the sun, fresh air, then its curative properties are enhanced. Applications clay mass layer of 1-2 mm is applied to the affected area, either directly or through a thin cotton cloth and insulated. Spend 1-3 sessions per day (or more) for 2-2,5 hours. Procedures make one after the other, or intermittently, around the clock. Course of 10-15 procedures. Of 2-3 courses with an interval of 2 weeks. At the same time take the clay inside 2-3 times a day. Number of applications depends on the individual case. Sessions conducted periodically to improve or recover. You can use them constantly. Allowed to make 2.3 applications on different body parts simultaneously. Clay is used only in the cold. Applications hold on the body no longer than 2-2,5 hours. Re-clay was not used. For injuries (contusions, sprains), myositis short course: 5-7 days, 1-2 times a day. Sometimes, in place of latch clay appears hurt or swelling. It's quick passes on their own. On the small joints make the bath for 20 minutes 1-2 times a day. Clay baths are used in inflammation and pain in the joints of the hands and feet, heel spurs, corns. Preparation of suspensions: 1 liter. Water – 40-50 g clay. Water temperature 34-37 C. Time – 20 min. On the day of 3.1 procedures. Course duration – 10 – 15 days. If necessary, repeat the treatment after 2 weeks. If you do not like "dirty" skin clay and bischofite, you can use a home physical therapy devices

The Postgraduate

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Here then, that you must start by suing the management that this count with modern knowledge required by the total quality, know it operate, manage and get the necessary out of it is derived from. When hiring a Manager, a basic requirement for their performance is therefore having knowledge of quality in its scope and ensure its applicability to the benefit of the company. Another important topic in the present, in pro to guarantee success to companies is everything related to productivity. Know define functional administrative systems as good management processes that are supported by productivity indexes Reals that guarantee favourable results where there is warranty of adequate costs, delivery of fair time, not delays, or losses, specifically, efficacy, efficiency, optimal performance of staff involved at all levels. Management must have very clear, that productivity is the relationship between the production obtained by a productive system and resources used for such production. It can also be defined as reminds us Wikipedia, such as the relationship between the results and the time used to obtain them: the smaller the time that lead results desired, more productive is the system. In reality the productivity must be defined as the efficiency indicator that relates the quantity of product used with the amount of production obtained. Conclusions unfortunately, our experience has not shown that sector business Venezuelan, especially in SMEs, the lack of good productivity systems leaves much to say, where there are many management which have not been identified with what it represents, that can be derived for the operation and growth of the company. Aspect that must be rectified and that the same universities, faculties, schools which is responsible for training of these professionals, should provide them with the modern knowledge required to ensure that productivity is a reality for the benefit of the companies that are increasingly demanding it.

The Line

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What can he learn? Exactly: If he wants to go somewhere, he must pull on the leash. You stop, however, and it only goes on when the leash is slack, what he learns then? Correct: He learns that he only comes to the target, when the leash is slack. The Cross at Kenilworth gathered all the information. Your puppy sees his game PAL and barks and jumps into the Leine. You are doing quickly off the line, so that it comes as quickly as possible to his buddy and can play. You know it already, or? Your puppy has just learned that he must bark and wild jump into the line, so that he come. If you instead simply wait until he is calm and quiet stops or is perhaps, he learns instead that it is worthwhile to behave quietly.

You can already see, this here not so much with seat, place, has to do with foot but is about behavior, people often go on the nerves, but myself have trained them, because they have rewarded at the wrong time. It takes maybe beginning a few minutes longer, if one waits on resting and thinking, but if you think you have the next 15 years, the dog maybe, worthwhile in any case. And you can see from these examples also, that your puppy will learn not just if you are practicing with him, but all the time! Therefore, you should also always remember what you’re doing. And if your puppy does something, you don’t want to, think about whether you it perhaps unintentionally rewarded. So far I have not spoken of behavior, but still “Commands”. I do not like the word, and instead use the word signal, because I am of the opinion that the word choice also has an impact on the method of training. Many of these behaviors need no signal at all, because the situation is already sufficient.

Each Congress

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As Scientology goes out of the spiritual nature of man, it is significantly different from worldviews, who regard the people as a result of its environment or its genes, and thus within the limits in which he was born, as immutable. Scientology includes therefore the study and the promotion of the spiritual being in its relation to itself, universes and other life. It builds on fundamental spiritual truths of life and is based on the fifty thousand years old tradition-minded people. L. Ron Hubbard was always keen to represent the practical reference of its findings for the life of the people.

He rejected any kind of ivory tower reality. With the emergence of fundamental laws and axioms of the teachings of Scientology, he had created the basis for his entire future research that focused on the spiritual liberation of the people and concerned the systematization and mediation of this path of self knowledge for each individual person. Scientology sets this Special emphasis on the exact exercise of their path of self knowledge and the principles involved. According to their experience, this offers people the best assurance for a way out of their usually self-created misery towards improving not only one’s own life, but the humanity and the world as a whole. This way includes more spiritual freedom as necessary components, thus more self-determination as well as greater responsibility and ultimately empties into even greater spiritual freedom.

Thus, it is not surprising that in contrast to other efforts to improve the human destiny, which is depleted in the establishment of rules for human life, the Scientology religion enough practical tools to engage in daily life to hand the individual to solve the problems of life with the aim of improving not only for themselves. In the chronological sequence of the development of the doctrine of Scientology, there are significant breakthroughs as milestones in Scientology are known. These milestones can be found in L. Ron Hubbard’s so-called Congress lectures. This is far more than to training presentations for Auditors. You are exceptional and every man for himself was taken and is even today a very special event. One hears the announcement of his latest findings and developments in Dianetics or Scientology, their contexts and benefit for the pastoral activity of the Auditors he describes in detail in the words of L. Ron Hubbard’s. Also attracts but also the listeners of this Congress lectures”to a very personal gain and benefit from it. Each Congress lecture series “is listed in the order below, in which she was held. Although each takes up a separate theme and for themselves alone without prior study can be listened to, a chronological study has the advantage that it gives you an excellent insight in how evolved the doctrine of Scientology. All in all it is the very essence of what millions of people as Ron’s lectures”have experienced and learned to love.