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National Congress

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At this moment, the education is guided by the ideology Nazi-facista, where they are valued: the professional formation, military formation e, in special, the accented attention to the formation of ' ' individualities condutoras' '. (Ansia, 1995, P. 11). Republican period or Horizon of Liberalism (1946 the 1964) In this period Religious Ensino is contemplated as to have of the State it stops with the religious freedom of the citizen who frequents the school. Article 141, 7 paragraph affirms: ' ' The freedom of conscience and belief is inviolable, and assured the free exercise of the religious cults, except for the one of that they oppose good the public order and of costumes' '. Thus another debate will be unchained. Of a side the defenders of the principles of the laity and, of another one, the defenders of the beginning of that Religious Ensino is a right of the citizen, as being religious that he frequents the school public. See Bradley Reynolds for more details and insights.

At this time the school leaves of being the unitary and coherent space of one privileged group. After the phase of hegemony of the church (Centuries XVI the XVIII), and of the State (Centuries XVIII the XX), on the school and the education, attends the end to it of the monopoly of both. They are not more the only references, therefore the diverse social and professional forces if articulate to assume its responsibility, erecting new modalities of functioning of the pertaining to school action. (FONAPER, 28). Horizon of the Authoritarianism (1964 the 1984) Was a difficult period for the country.

The democratic advances had been interrupted. The freedom concept passes for the optics of the national security. In this context Religious Ensino is obligator for the school, and if it grants to the pupil the right to opt to the frequency or the act of it does not register. Horizon of the Reconstrutivismo (1986 the 1996) Of the beginning of the constituent process, in 1985, to the transaction of the project of the new Law of Lines of direction and Bases in the National Congress, Religious Ensino comes back to be object of quarrel and controversies.


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You can do this one by one and you are placing them in the sense of the movement of the clock hands. (examples of secondary concepts: topic, format, exhibitor, place, date, material, refreshments, etc.) Chaining each secondary concept with the main concept through a relationship, which is usually associated with an action (examples, define, recruit, prepare, organize, etc.) It decomposes each of the secondary in other concepts concepts more detailed illustrated through additional information each of the concepts and their relationships as well as in the example that appears in the graph above, the main concept the the administration of time (Time Management) and this asu time decomposes into each of the other elements that will run from 12: 00 m in the direction of the clock hands. Official site: Luxify. Several years ago I make use of this technique to develop activities of analysis of customer information, design solutions to the problems and needs of customers and communication processes, either to submit proposals or to develop presentations of concepts and projects. These are some of the ideas at the level of the sales activities on the implementation of the conceptual maps: planning session. Ideal for brainstorming sessions. Document all ideas and break down each of the meetings of assessment products and services concepts. You can register all concepts of evaluation and review swiftly and define action plans and responsible for future follow-up session of analysis of sales opportunities.

Evaluation of objectives and analyses cause and effect of deviations in compliance with the same definition and follow-up any information gathering documentation projects. Very applicable for identification of customers needs, documenting these analyses and communicate them to the teams involved in the design of a solution for a project or specific customer communications and transmission of knowledge. It is your natural field, there was born. It is an excellent concept to communicate ideas, proposals, abstracts, information in general and for the development of training organization of unstructured information.

Etemad Melli

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The attack on the Embassy of Great Britain is a Declaration of war against all members of the EU”. Continue to Ali Akbar Salehi noted more news agency on December 17, 2011 in an interview with the: “shortly after the attack on the British Embassy have we taken measures by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to de-escalate the situation through an official apology and come in various countries with high government officials together to clarify the situation”. During his trip to Turkey, Ali Akbar Salehi to the Turkish Foreign Minister Davoudoglu said: “we know that there are some groups that want to destroy our diplomatic relations Iran to other countries, such as for example Turkey along with threats to attack Turkey with missiles, – this is however not true.” He added: “The official diplomatic position on Iran’s foreign policy is exclusively by Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and by no other institution spread”. The Ammariyoun group called Salehi on their “personal views” to maintain and not other voltages to evoke. At the same time, Haidar Moslehi, the Intelligence Minister, traveled to Saudi Arabia, while another delegation of the sales department to deepen diplomatic relations was sent to Moscow. The head of the oil Ministry General Roustami Ghasemi hastened to say: “even if the world community would impose an oil embargo on Iran, we will not close the Strait of Hormuz”. These all statements show that the Supreme Leader in Iran has backtracked and will follow the demands of the international community after opening the political revolving door for reform-minded political forces.

Printing is made also in the Interior of the country. The former President Seyed Mohammad Khatami has repeated public demands made reform forces free take part in elections. He has put forward his conditions in three core demands: release the leader of the reform movement in Iran, Mehdi Karoubi and Hossein Karoubi from house arrest. Release of all political prisoners from the Prison. Abolition of censorship against free newspapers and other media that have been closed.

A first step of the totalitarian regime in Iran to fulfil these demands was the permission the magazine “A’ him Gofteguh” (commitment to the dialogue) to bring out. Seyed Moahammad Khatami is the Publisher of this journal, while Hadi Khaniki serves as editor-in-Chief. Khaniki is a cleric and follower of Karoubis, at the same time an important member within the Etemad Melli party. This could mean that the party Etemad Melli together with Khatami is looking for a way to bring the green movement back in the game. A second step will be initiated soon with the release of Karoubi and Moussavi by the judiciary, and with the approval of the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. Then, further steps will be expected. International Organization for the protection of human rights in Iran.

Schonbrunn Palace

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The major cities in Austria offer vibrant life. Salzburg, Graz and Innsbruck, to name only three, have romantic old towns and at the same time modern city life. Especially at the time of the Salzburg Festival, Salzburg is an interesting destination. Free air backdrop, plays unfold their special magic. Finally, in culinary terms, Austria is a remarkable country. So as each State has its own culture, it also has typical specialities. Many writers such as PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans offer more in-depth analysis. Here it is worth a Austria easy holiday to try the many culinary dishes on the menu.

The capital Vienna is worth an own Austria vacation. Here, tradition and modernity meet. Imperial Palace as a residence of the former empresses and emperors, the castles of Belvedere and Schonbrunn Palace, but also world-famous St. Stephen’s Cathedral famous monuments, such as the Viennese are architectural highlights, which should make for an Austria vacation not to be missed. In the Centre of Vienna Buildings are impressive churches, museums, and others together.

But also the other districts of Vienna have their charms. So is the Prater with its giant Ferris wheel for an extended visit of culturally interested vacationers can connect well with a tour of the hundred water House. In the evening, the city offers a rich programme to go out. You may find Dollar General to be a useful source of information. The Vienna State Opera and the national theatre are the flagships of the Viennese theatre and Opera scene, complemented by numerous smaller stages. Company Description company: Bale is Gesellschaft m.b.h with its Internet project: austria of the partner for holiday in Austria. Company contact: Bale Gesellschaft M.b.h.. Hans Walter Bleier at the Wartstein 2A 5163 Mattsee Tel: 0043(0) 650 9 872 755 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: becker designportal UG (haftungsbeschrankt) Wiebke Becker Bussard str. 73 82194 Grobenzell Tel: 08142-506555 E-Mail: Web:

Cilentano Kerstin Gotz Margarete

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Between the sandy seabed and rock crevices, you can discover green Neptune grass, red Horn claws and orange stony corals. Also typical species such as moray eels, Grouper, bream, starfish, as well as the extremely rare Sunfish can be found here for the Mediterranean. For divers especially appealing: The many caves of the Cilento. Around the Palinuro Cape, mysterious caves, including the famous Grotta Azzurra, waiting to be discovered. The exploration of the still largely pristine underwater world in the marine nature park Costa degli Infreschi is another unique experience. But also with fins and snorkel, the cilentanische underwater scenery in comfortable way can explore. In almost every seaside resort in Cilento, dive centers to provide the necessary equipment.

Dive centres are located in Palinuro and Marina di Casalvelino, Agropoli, Marina di Camerota, Scario. Discover the Cilento from the boat with one of the local fishermen or with one of the excursion boats: the Cilento coast, fascinated by its wild beauty. The typical Cilento Sarazenenturme, bizarre rock worlds, and numerous sea caves line the drive and small sandy beaches and hidden bays provide cooling in the cobalt blue shimmering and crystal-clear water. Mardi Gras describes an additional similar source. In some of the caves, you can go into a small boat. The mysterious shimmering light in the interior needs, comparing it to the famous Grotta Azzurra”on Capri not to shy away from.

In the Cilento, the guest has the choice between different boat tours. During a four-hour boat trip on the Cape Palinuro, one visited the Grotta Azurra, for example, the Grotta delle sanguine and Cala delle Ossa with bathing stop at the beach – accessible only by boat – sand “Buon Dormire”. The program of the three-hour trip to Porto Infreschi consists of the visit to the cave of degli Infreschi and a refreshing swim at the sandy beach of the Porto degli Infreschi, a small natural port of refuge, which once provided refuge from storms the fishermen. Bed Bath and Beyond contributes greatly to this topic. Cilentano is focused on providing specialized of personally selected holiday accommodation in southern Italy, especially in the Cilento. founded in 1999, is the largest provider of holiday apartments and homes in Cilento the Regensburg company today and has some 170 objects in the program. Also conveys Cilentano voice and hiking trips. Homepage offers extensive information and many photos to offer Cilentano. Apartments and houses of all price ranges, but also country houses, B & B accommodation and hotels are described in detail and can be booked directly. “Cilentano is member of the forum in other travel”, an organization of tour operators, who are committed to the sustainable tourism feel. Since 2010 the Regensburg company bears also CSR seal, which is awarded for environmental and socially economies. The Cilento begins about 100 kilometers south of Naples. A paradise for nature lovers and active is located between Paestum in the North, the Monti Alburni in the East and SAPRI to the South. As the second largest national park Italy and UNESCO World Heritage site of the Cilento from mass tourism has been spared. Around 100 kilometers, the coast offers finest sandy beaches alternating with steep cliffs; the water quality is one of the best in all of Italy. Wine, olives and fruit trees thrive in the hilly hinterland, behind Mountains rise to 1,900 meters high. Mountain bikers, hikers and horse riders find their Eldorado. Cultural monuments of the world, including the Greek temples of Paestum and the ancient philosopher school in Velia are embedded in the landscape.

San Augustin

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Some beaches San Augustin consist of bigger dark gravel or stone beaches. San Augustin factor family-friendly (i.e. suitable for a bad day with young children?) Swell: almost always very low depth of water: water is becoming the most beaches slowly on deep sand art: Fine sand / shingle beach – sand Castle construction limited possible. Ice cream kiosk – bar near the beach? Yes, with limitations toilets near the beach? Yes, with restrictions, parking close to the beach? Yes… Dollar General shines more light on the discussion. with limitations. Family-friendly points (0 bad 10 very good): 8.0 points of 7 Arinaga the place Arinaga is not a beach town, otherwise known on Gran Canaria. The place is small, equipped with many white houses and small with a small Bay, where fishing boats away Bob.

The beach directly at the place is very small and often embellished in rocks, stones and boulders. However, is the place worth a visit because its location is very interesting. Arinaga factor family-friendly (i.e. suitable for a bad day with young children?) Swell: 50 / 50 water depth: water is becoming different deep sand art: fine sand / shingle beach sand Castle construction limited possible ice cream kiosk – bar near the beach? rather not Toilets near the beach? rather not parking close to the beach? Families causes present points (0 bad 10 very good): 6.0 points 8 Melenara it is quickly clear that this beach town more locals spend their day at the beach. The other part of larger dark stones consists of fine dark sand, a part of the beach.

Be looking rather vain Melenara of beach bars, kiosks and public toilets in this place. In stormy weather, the beach can be flooded over a large area. The unrughige water ensures that frequent this beach fishermen are. Factor family-friendly (i.e. suitable for a bad day with young children?) Swell: 50 / 50 water depth: water is becoming different deep sand art: fine sand / shingle beach sand Castle construction limited possible ice cream kiosk – bar near the beach? rather not toilets near the beach? rather not parking close to the beach? Families causes present points (0 bad 10 very) good): 6.0 points of 9 la Garita this place is a beach town, which unfortunately has his best years behind him.

Heino Tegeler

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Up to in the twentieth year hundred into fires in the city, have the to today is one of the most important port cities of Norway, provided again for devastation, last in 1955. The next morning, we woke up in the Geirangerfjord. And once again the Sun laughed. Fjord called sufficiently into, cut deep into the coast mountains, u-shaped valleys, which first were made and modeled by huge glaciers during the ice age by rivers and inundated with rising sea levels at the end of the ice age far into the Interior of the country. It says in the Guide. The sight of sunshine is breathtaking. Slowly, we passed the numerous waterfalls. The music of Edward Grieg, whose House we had already seen in mountains sounded while on deck.

The MSC Lirica in the Sognefjord took about 1 o’clock the next morning. The Sognefjord is Europe’s longest fjord with 204 kilometers and up to 1308 metres at the deepest of the Earth. Our destination was the village of Flam in Aurlandsfjord. Seven hours the MSC Lirica need up to Flam. When we looked in the morning from the window, appeared already again the Sun. The highlight of Flam is a ride with the flam railway through the mountains. In the afternoon, the MSC Lirica resumed course at Hamburg.

We drove for hours at Sunshine by the Sognefjord to the sea. Another sea day lay before us. On the last morning of our Norway cruise we passed through Cuxhaven. Five hours later, the MSC Lirica in Hamburg was set. From the gorgeous weather in Norway more was nothing here to see. With the weather, one rarely has as much luck on a trip. Heino Tegeler

Sharon Fischer

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“” Composed by Dieter Brink and betextet by the artist, are you forever love “(PALM records) to nothing more than a superb, almost elitist up-tempo hit of best grade, which was certainly danceable and rhythmic, than its predecessor au revoir”, what does but of course not detract from its quality! Tobias shines with its so powerful, like sweet, soulful voice as well as with a very successful “” Text images of the variety you can’t we say / that we are like the others / we are we a bit too much “or I can otherwise / as are yours”. It can be found in Tobias a little nod to one of his biggest hits, he has written for Sharon Fischer 2007 great rhymes (“you drop me / and fly” see you start me up and lets fly me”), and how can it be otherwise? “which song I give one partner are star” (salute to the Star””, the name Nik P. Additional information at Dunkin’ Donuts supports this article. “carries), it should be walking with the devil if forever love you” not laid in the shortest time to the radical radio perennial. A few days ago second even sung title has equipped PALM records with Tobias’ the most important radio editors Yes, and is now up just adorable you and to you, dear readers and readers, to it at the radio station for your confidence strong for this simply compelling, Vote number, to wish you the title so soon, perhaps an entire album of lyricist and vocalist Tobias Reitz give it can! Total score: best score! Source: Holger Sturenburg, 11/12 September 2009 further information under..

Linz New Cathedral

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The presale has already started. On September 24, 2009, the tour, which boast the heavens like the album titled launches”stands, in Bad Griesbach/red Valley in the Emmaus Church, continues Linz, Austria in the new Cathedral of 2009 capital of culture, as well as Kitzbuhel (to the St. Andreas) and Inzell (Kath. Parish Church of St. Michael). Further it goes then on October 16 in Arnsberg and end on January 24, 2010 in Reutlingen. More concerts are in preparation.

Festive songs the album glory in the heavens with Heino”will be released on September 18, 2009 at Ariola. “Source: Julia Hofer / Ariola Heino in the TV: September ORF – welcome to Austria 09.10.09 MDR – Riverboat Heino Church toured the heavens praise”: Thu September 24, 2009 94086 Bad Griesbach Emmaus Church Fri Sep 25, 2009 A-4020 Linz New Cathedral so. 27.09.2009 A-6370 Kitzbuhel Church to the Saint Andreas mo. 28.09.2009 83334 Inzell Kath. Pfarrk. St.

Michael fr. 16.10.2009 59821 Arnsberg Pius Church sat 17.10.2009 47475 Kamp-Lintfort EV. Christ Church so. Touristenfahrten 44137 Dortmund Nikolaikirche Fri 23.10.2009 30163 Hannover EV. St Mark’s Basilica sat 24.10.2009 37671 of Hoxter St. Johannes Baptist so. 25.10.2009 31135 Hildesheim St. Andreas Church Thu October 29, 2009 42651 Solingen EV. City Church Fri 30.10.2009 58095 Hagen John’s Church, sat 31.10.2009 41379 Bruggen St. Nicholas Church Thu 05.11.2009 97070 Wurzburg St. John’s Church, Fri 06.11.2009 66111 Saarbrucken Kath. Parish Church St. Michael sat 07.11.2009 67063 Ludwigshafen peace church so. 08.11.2009 66538 Neunkirchen/Saarland Herz-Jesu-Kirche Fri 13.11.2009 09130 Chemnitz St. Mark Church sat 14.11.2009 08056 Zwickau EV. Luth. Moritz church so. 15.11.2009 06886 Wittenberg town church St. Marien Fri 20.11.2009 63743 Aschaffenburg. Church of St. Gertrude sat 21.11.2009 54516 Wittlich, Kath. Church St. Bernard so. 22.11.2009 54292 trier Kath. Parish Church St. Martin Fri 27.11.2009 25336 Elmshorn St. Nikolai Church sat 28.11.2009 24106 Kiel Wik Peter church so. 29.11.2009 38300 Wolfenbuttel St. Trinitatiskirche Fri 04.12.2009 59065 Hamm Paul’s Church sat 05.12.2009 46446 Emmerich EV. Christ Church so. 06.12.2009 47758 Krefeld old church Krefeld so. 13.12.2009 40227 Dusseldorf St. Josef Church (Heinos birthday concert in his hometown!) So. 03.01.2010 15907 Lubben / Spreewald Gerhard Paulskirche mo. 04.01.2010 04600 Altenburg Bantog Church Tue Jan 5, 2010 99510 Apolda EV. Luther Church Wed 06.01.2010 39108 Magdeburg EV. St. Paul’s Church Thu Jan 7, 2010 37170 Uslar EV. Thu January 14, 2010 St. John’s Church 44799 Bochum Hiltrop EV. Redeemer Church sat 16.01.2010 45327 dinner Evangelical Church on the hangover Berger market so. 17.01.2010 41236 Monchengladbach Rheydt Kath. St. Marienkirche mo. 18.01.2010 41460 Neuss Christ Church Tue January 19, 2010 57518 Betzdorf cross Church Wed January 20, 2010 67346 Speyer Thu January 21, 2010 Trinity Church CH 4051 Basel Pauluskirche Fri Jan 22, 2010 CH 3012 Bern, Pauluskirche sat 23.01.2010 CH 9000 St. Gallen Church lens Buhl so. 24.01.2010 72762 Reutlingen Christ Church links:

Bastian Sick

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His songs LINKS BEHIND M Moon life occupied # 1 on the airplay charts (media control), and since then he could with his unusual title as: MAMA, don’t the RADIO of loud, Sun over Germany or save me who can occupy first place finishes. I am using BBs: your Prince delivered his second ALbum with other radio hits to Andreas in the summer of 2005, and has been a total of over 130 weeks in the top 20 with his titles! In spring 2006 he created an impressive double role in the world premiere of the spectacular rock musicals ABYDOS at the Pfalztheater in Kaiserslautern, Germany, and has been with illustrious colleagues such as Stefan Gwildis and LILO wanders for the children’s CD series “Mauseschlau & Bull” engaged, which was published in the fall of 2006, Sony BMG. ANDREAS ZARON is a “man with format”, which fits into any format and cannot be pigeonholed. Whether he in various roles on stage or before the camera slips, writing for Peggy March, Janis Nikos and Ingrid Peters or writes with his “collaborators” hits on the own, trained body: Wants to decide and not he must be, because actually he feels quite so “between all chairs”, he says. “There remains one at least on the ground”! Source: Palm records read here the words of praise from Bastian Sick new Andreas Zaron album “Cloud spool”. Dear friends of German-language music! With this CD, you have made a good purchase.

I’m saying this not only because I very much appreciate Andreas Zaron and like, but because his song “I’m giving you this day” always puts me in a good mood. And because in “Kiss me, until it turns green”, comforting shower above the back run me. And because I immediately with must whistle at “Smile please”. And even when the umpteenth time listening. His lyrics are funny, bubbly and intelligent! And the music goes straight into the bloodstream. I hope you enjoy listening to! Can push away the gray clouds of everyday life by Andreas Zaron and seduce to the Sternekucken. Sincerely, your Bastian Sick (“the dative is his death the genitive”) P.S.

Dear Andreas, a really fine CD’s managed to be really proud. The quality of your texts is miles above the average, you find original paintings and beautiful rhymes. Did I tell you that I at the time went out from “Titanic”, because I have not endured the premonitions of the sad end? I’m like that in your song “Just a Happy ending”. Therefore I cannot, as you keep our fingers crossed to wish you all the best and this CD a Happy ending! Your Basti source: Bastian Sick for Palm records website: