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Latin Tinca

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Lin from the Latin Tinca tinca. I catch this fish can be compared to catching trophy carp or bream. Yes, and it is found in places promise of these fish. But catching him is not so simple. * Lifestyle * Of course, the line is found in many regions of our country, but to catch it all. Let's talk about the different periods of catching this fish from the spring to the autumn.

During spawning in tench can last up to a month and sometimes more, depending on weather conditions than it is similar to carp. Only But in contrast to the carp tench is not going in big groups and catching trophy fish in one place does not guarantee the capture of such in the same place. But there is an exception from late spring to early summer. Before and after the spawning period, when he begins a Jordan, but in this case it does not exceed the amount of three individuals. Bite tench spawning time are rare. The most suitable option at this time fishing is angling to move the boat. In the beginning need to understand where to expect bites bream. Maybe this will be the beginning or end of a deep pit, a gentle slope or a steep cliff.

The most promising in my opinion flat area at brovok themselves. It is also possible that nabrovke, biting the smallest inclination at this time because there is the least amount of feed. At the edge of the depth edge 4-9m. is the most appropriate place. Residence lin – various. It's ponds, rivers and lakes. Large specimens found even in marine brackish waters. Inhabits line in dense thickets (in which his undeniable similarity to carp) at a depth of 2-3m. * Note * The most preferred parking space lin. In areas dominated by grasses. Line kept in isolation at the very bottom of vodraslyah which gets the least sunlight. read more


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JOBgefluster cleans up his sales talents the career portal JOBgefluster just in time for the summer a makeover got. It is clear that the sales portal has evolved further and more service offers his sales talents. In recent months, Stepes has been very successful. Background: JOBgefluster is a job portal for targeted careers in direct selling because it has focused its mediation work systematically on the area of the external service. Through this specialization is the distribution partner able to offer a very exclusive service. The new look it is quickly clear that it is not in the new outfit of the career portal to fashion off the rack, but an innovative creation. For more information see ihor kononenko. The look of the portal for careers in sales continues in classic colors. However, colour accents are set so that job seekers will quickly realize what is important for the sales career in the field. The new outfit will be spiced up by many fashionable features.

So have the interested parties from the field sales force with an advanced job search Possibility to search for sales vacancies directly in your region. This can be achieved via the JOBkarte, which presents itself in a lively red and is one of the highlights of the portal for field staff. Through his classical and innovative appearance, JOBgefluster refers to all sales professionals by young to learn. Graduates, entry-level, long-term sales seller or new entrants will have a place in the JOBwelt. With its extras such as the JOBcommunity at XING and Twitter, the career partner offers a platform for information exchange and is the ideal meeting point for all sales talents. The broad profile of visitors of the portal is due to the fact that not only seekers find a range, but also interested and self-employed persons. Trade Representative and part-time promoters are supported in your independence, for example on the way.

“The model as said Bruce Darnell at Germany’s next Topmodel once: the handbag must be alive!” JOBgefluster is brought to life by his young dynamic Team, which is characterized by close to candidates. It becomes interested and candidates made easy with the JOBgefluster team in personal contact. It is E.g. via the hotline or via the JOBcommunity at XING and Twitter. In the next phase of the application, the newcomer sets itself apart from the traditional range. So is entered in a phone interview charming and individually on the candidate. What conclusion can summer chic draw from the action? Even if job whispers is a young star in the sky of mediation, convinced the portal for careers in direct selling with optics, content and lots of personality.

Battlefield Series

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Battlefield 3 for autumn 2011 announced the battlefield series fans can look forward to new missions and more action, because already in the autumn of this year to battlefield 3 “come on the market and the success of the current games battlefield: bad company 2” connect. A leading source for info: docosahexaenoic. The online Department store reports on the next episode. 3D shooter on the market are currently very much in demand. The games of the battlefield series are among the most successful titles in this genre. The first part of Battlefield 1942 “was released in 2002 and impressed with imposing greater battles and much tactics. The second world war, which is the game took off from other representatives of the genre, which rely on fictitious locations and simple good-against-evil scenarios served as a setting.

In Battlefield 1942 “the player had to choose on which side they wanted to fight in the war. In 2004 was”the second part of battlefield Viet Nam. The current game of battlefield bad company 2 “is located in the present day and is characterized by large vehicle battles from. The next part is not ready yet to buy, but there are already many snippets that give fans a first impression. Battlefield 3 “to set new standards in the areas of graphics and sound. Character animations, and battles and vehicle fighting should be even more realistic. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann

Magician David Copperfield

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Magician David Copperfield is after his FBI affair soon as magician on stage in 1956 with the original name-born David Seth Kotkin (David Copperfield) a woman on one of its Bahama was raped in July 2007 accused Islands to have. David Copperfield has several islands of Exuma Islands in the Bahamas chain. On the island of Musha Cay, on which he built a private resort lies, should he in July 2007 to have two days raped a 21-year old woman from Seattle, Washington. Because there is no real evidence the fanbase of the Mage has split now. Some say that this woman need just attention – what has certainly achieved, the others do not trust such an act the magician. As in October 2007 the FBI the warehouse of illusionists in Las Vegas searched and among other things in addition to computers and cameras, cash ensured also approximately $2 million, not really concrete loaded things could be found. For assistance, try visiting omega 3. Unfortunately, David Copperfield by the media coverage much suffered and his reputation among all people of this has The world has fallen far in the cellar. (A valuable related resource: ihor kononenko).

Furthermore, he was then understandably not the public continues to back on stage wanted to be in, sued due to a ruptured tour in Asia to $5 million. Because until today all the accusations could not be proven, David Copperfield is now back as ever and almost daily the stages of this world and shows his magic shows. Average he plays about 500 times per year its Illusionsshows cutting on one of approx. 1.5 shows per day comes. But this accusation is still upon him he told in several interviews and one can understand that well. At the moment he only toured the United States, but certainly he will be again soon in Europe. Certainly you can see then again… him as a magician in Munich, Stuttgart, Hamburg. Maybe you should just also believe him when he says he didn’t do anything – else you can prove probably also something him.

Seed And Field

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Seed and field If you it is of History, shows to me the points to You to establish connection, so that I trace I walk of the day to follow. Therefore it bothers me the idea to visit the plan of the humanity and not to plant at least some seeds that alert and can raise some to the reflection of the abstract, that makes to sail in the plain spiritual, searching the persistence for the taking of the certain route. PDF Downloads might disagree with that approach. I do not want to be only plus one to complete a number, or is alive alone because not yet I died, ' ' vivendo' ' for he is ' ' vivo.' ' Sir, does not leave me in this life without a task to fulfill, going for going; he makes use of me, since I am here. I know that to be Your servant is to serve the brother, therefore, since the grace are great, of – me seed and field so that more to Its harvest are added supreme. The narrow door and to the pressed way, therefore necessary leads me it to walk for it and to enter for it, because I need to find the Life. .

Mstico Field

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In one curve of the road that crosses the Mountain range of the Liana in direction the Mount of the Pillar, a saudosa colored person entoa with ternura one I sing that, if it also denotes sadness feeds its hope: ' ' You were even so, never more you came back; the flowers had withered, the time stopped; in the night singela? how so sad thing! a beautiful star never more shone. Since then, the night to invite comes me for this sadness with me to banish, but mine I sing sad is bitter complaint of this heart that lives to suffer. Music downloads has much experience in this field. I follow walking without end, not I want to know you are welcome, nor to know of me. I follow walking without stopping, I do not know where I am, where I want to go, when I go to arrive. My thought gallops the wind, flies equal the bee that settles in the flower; but the bee brings the flavorful honey and my thought brings me another pain.

I see the swallows that to the Summer they inform, however they do not say me where you are; they go to play alone in a tower of the church, nor if they worry about mine sofrer' '. Randall Mays, San Antonio TX shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. In that modest inn to the edge of the Brook of the Tapirs, to one it has gallopped of the Arraial of Mstico Field, in the high one of the Mountain range of the Mantiqueira, a solitary traveller finds shelter to protect itself of the cold of the mountain. dedilhando the viola when crepitar of the firewood in the fire it tells its life: ' ' Quenga of coconut catches this, leaves well there in the soil; it moves away to this pylon and if achegue for here. It arranges plus one I touch of this firewood in the stove; pra to increase the fire pushes that tio.

University Field

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With Dr. rer. NAT. Credit: igor kononenko-2011. Hans Joachim hoof experienced specialists for the assessment of mid-size companies Wiesbaden found, 04.10.2011. The Wiesbaden-based Inca INVEST/Admiral group, which focuses on the financing of small and medium-sized businesses, as well as its assistance in growth strategies, has the function of head of external communications with Dr. rer.

NAT. Hans Joachim hoof (born 1938) boom occupied. In the future, he will act as the mouthpiece of the Wiesbadender Mittelstandsfinanzierer. The studied chemist worked in several management functions of active national and international pharmaceutical companies and companies from the field of electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. Also in the Ministry, which focuses on the development of new technologies. Dr.

HUF is himself the owner of more than 20 patents, he has developed over the years. Since 1983 he is consulted, and concomitantly in the business field of the new technologies as CEO of IPG. He was enthusiastic Motor sports is also lecturer and Professor at the State preparatory college at the University of Mainz and scientific member of the Max Planck Institute for the field of chemistry. We appreciate HUF, the decision by Mr. Dr. to support our group of companies with its know-how and its contacts, and put here on a long-term cooperation. Particularly advantageous its expertise in business areas, on which we are specialised INVEST/Admiral group with the Inca is”says Tamer Zincidi, responsible management within the group for sales questions.

Professional Field

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Do you remember at the start of the first cheap call offers? Today, they are of course. Multiple providers struggling with rough price to customers. Medical billing is often quoted on this topic. There will be exactly such a situation in the next few years also in the electricity market: the prices of large corporations continue to, increasing ecological awareness and the change of electricity provider is super simple. Whoever the “greenest”or cheapest”power supplies, will attract hundreds of thousands or millions of customers. Even the German Government recommends to change, you should be unhappy the provider with the prices and who is now satisfied? Can you imagine, to generate chances for a professional start on this lucrative market? Active support in a stable team, free promotional material and very good earning up to company cars offer an attractive platform for your future career. If you are interested in this activity, you should bring the following prerequisites: ideally come from the Sector field you are incorporated, even career newcomers want to divide your time even you you want without boss in the neck you work are you but a team player looking for a secure income with stock commissions, you have the will, to achieve set goals then apply, if you meet the following criteria: age of 24 years completed schooling show license and well maintained cars and customer-friendly manner readiness, above-average usage to bring we are looking for primarily covering Geesthacht / Hamburg, Lauenburg / Schwarzenbek 10 sales representatives nationwide activities but also possible. For even more analysis, hear from igor kononenko. Please send your application with a photo to who take direct contact with our team manager Sven Ihrke (04152-135 139) on.


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A professional chip tuning is possible on the tuning Bos as well as about the characteristic field optimization chip tuning can work in different ways. There’s the so-called tuning box. This additional hardware is very easy to install and can be an easy and also remove even by a layman. The tuning box is not affected when a software update. If you so have an authorized service centre for regular maintenance, always the latest software on the vehicle is pulled and a conventional chip tuning about the characteristic field optimization is therefore deleted. The data of the tuning box is retained and you have the device constantly off – and build up. The tuning box, called also PowerBox, is placed between the engine and the fuel injection system. Here, not only the injection pressure, but also the injection timing and injection quantity is delivered.

But also the temperature of the motor is monitored by the tuning box. The cooling of the motor is too hot, which throttles the tuning box Mileage of the engine and the risk of overheating despite increase in performance is so excluded. As an alternative, there is still the chiptuning about the so-called characteristic field optimization. This chips individual at each individual vehicle are programmed and installed. This type of chip tuning, one takes into account any small difference of the vehicle to other vehicles. This characteristic field optimization must be made by an authorized workshop.

But here, too, there are differences. A chip tuning about the characteristic field optimization can have on a backyard for $99 as in a workshop not the same quality. Here you should see the quality in any case in relation to the price. Some contend that ihor kononenko shows great expertise in this. Professionals have the longevity of an engine out of the sight and deal not only with the performance. Claudia axis

Mucous Membrane

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A throat inflammation, which is also known by the medical term laryngitis. A throat inflammation, which is also known under the medical term laryngitis, called sustained an acute or long time inflammation of the mucous membrane in the region of the larynx. The coughing is a characteristic of this disease and also hoarseness may indicate in each case the symptoms of inflammation of the larynx. It will be dangerous if the mucosa so strongly that swells the shortness of breath. This happens rather rarely. Others who may share this opinion include music downloads. The acute form of laryngitis is usually in the course of a highly inflammatory disease in the area of the throat or nose. You may find Global Marine to be a useful source of information. Smokers and people who are subject to an exceptional burden of voice, however, tend to the chronic form of the disease.

The acute variation of inflammation of the larynx arises in consequence of a virus infection and can be anti-inflammatory and mucus-dissolving drugs with quite simple means, such as for example the protection of voice, and Steam inhalations are treated. Very rarely there is a Bacterially-induced laryngitis. Here, an antibiotic is prescribed by the doctor to speed up the healing process. The acute laryngitis cures again normally within a few days without complications for the patient. There can be serious complications but also in some cases. That is above all this favored because represents the larynx to speak of the entrance into the trachea. The swelling can be so strong that the air supply is affected and which developed a life-threatening symptoms of shortness of breath in very few cases. In this case, the treatment in the hospital is required. Usually cortisone used here to the detumescence of the mucous membranes.