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We’re Going To Venice Of The North: Tours In St. Petersburg

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About half of the tourists coming to Russia, visiting the 'Venice of the North', and in recent years, the number of tourist arrivals has been steadily increasing. Coming to St. Petersburg, no doubt, will not be bored from the lack of attractions. In architectural terms, the city is perceived as an ensemble of unique beauty palaces and temples. Streets and avenues of the city on the Neva can feel a perfect harmony and strict perfection. However, the city has its own unique face – it was built on a common architectural plan, approved by Peter the Great.

Around the city is a kind of necklace made up of parks, Petrodvorets, Pushkin, Pavlovsk, Lomonosov, Gatchina, with the most beautiful palaces. They were created as a ceremonial country residences of Russian Tsars and court nobles. Wonderful landscape and monuments of landscape architecture are now historical and art museums. Suburban Tours of St. Petersburg offered travel companies, are among the most popular tours in St. Petersburg. The unique culture of St.

Petersburg has crucial in shaping his appeal to the international tourist market. Fifty houses with world-renowned artistic groups, in which there is a bright palette and the Mariinsky Theatre, and Opera and Ballet Theatre named after MP Mussorgsky. More than 300 museums and permanent exhibitions are always ready to throw open their doors welcoming to visitors. Organized every year more than 100 international festivals, competitions, traditional festivals. Often the main arena for such events have become the central streets and squares. One of the major directions of development of tourism in St. Petersburg is the cruise industry. Tours of the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg is very popular among visitors as tourists, and among St. Petersburg. From St. Petersburg to the river boats can travel along the Volga-Baltic water system and to visit ancient Russian cultural and historical centers of Kizhi, Valaam, and many others. To any visitor who visited St. Petersburg, was a comfortable environment, the city has more than 800 travel companies, which organize group and individual tours to St. Petersburg, all kinds of excursions in St. Petersburg and its suburbs for school.